пятница, 31 мая 2013 г.

Distress - Life, death... rebirth

new release Destroy Sounds Records
(destroy sounds \ lutralutra rec)

Distress - Life, death... rebirth [TAPE]

Новый полноформатный альбом Российских D-Beat ветеранов.

Side A
01. To win or to lose
02. Alcoholocaust
03. Antiprogress
04. Enemy of the state
05. Warmadness
06. Neverending nightmare
Side B
01. Lifetime torture
02. Chains of doom
03. Product
04. From the ruins
05. Resource for war
06. D-beat warriors

60 RUB


new release Destroy Sounds Records
(distroy sounds, 83 records, primitive distro records, angry voice, no bread! records)
PARTiYA (crust/punk with grind influences, Belarus) and VICTIMS OF CLASSWAR (female fronted d-beat/hc with metal influences, Germany) 

Side A: PARTiYA 1. Stably fucking bad 2. Circus and zoo 3. Hell mosh 4. Eat yourself 5. Law authorities 6. Absence of penis 7. Pornogrinder 8. Down with borders (cover of ANTIGLOBALIZATOR) 9.Friends 10. Horoscope 11. Panda (cover of TROMPKA POMPKA) 
Side B: VICTIMS OF CLASSWAR 12. Dirty bombs 13. Giftspirale 14. System failed 15. A heart for the butcher 16. Homo homini lupus 

350 RUB